Need a POF Letter?

Is your seller or your sellers agent requesting a Proof of funds letter from you to seal the deal?

Do you want sellers to take your OFFER more SERIOUSLY?
It’s a proven fact that when an Investor provides a (POF)  Proof of Funds letter with their offers it adds more credibility and makes the  offers stronger by letting them know that you are serious and that you have requested a Proof of funds before you made your offer to them.
While some lenders charge a fee to provide proof of funds, Expedia Homes, LLC  provides this service absolutely FREE.
Let us HELP YOU get your offers accepted with a POF”
Fill up the form below and we will provide you with Proof of Funds  letter within 24 to 36 HRS.
If a request for a POF is made after 5 pm CST Monday through Friday, Holliday or during the weekend, POF will be provided to you within 24 to 36 HRS of the next business day.
We will provide a blanked POF good for 30 days. 

To receive a POF letter fill the form below.

  • Thank you for requesting a POF letter from ExpediaHomes, LLC.
  • POF letters take 24 to 36HRS to process. 
  • Request sent after 5 pm CST will begin after the next business day to process. 
  • POF requested after 5pm CST Friday , Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday it will take 24 to 36HRS to process after the following business day.
  • If you need more than one POF we will issue one blanket POF.


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